Areas of Focus

This is main area of focus for our team and we are continually looking for asset disposals or additions for our portfolio entities in this area. We apply a strict criteria in this area of investment.

The key areas for us are:

The key areas for us are & Longer title here please, if possible:

Our team has specific expertise in both commercial and technical areas within a number of areas but we also believe that in order to achieve a successful outcome for all parties certain industry criteria need to be met. Our favoured industries are

  • Health Care

  • IT and Industrial Services

We think of this as simply buying an asset which needs both human and financial capital to reach its peak again. All owners are concerned with the well being of their staff and customers post a transaction and we recognise that for corporates looking to divest assets there is the added concern over reputational issues as well as the welfare of their employees.

If you would like more details on our experience in this sector and a discrete conversation please contact our managing partner


We are often approached by senior professionals across the industries of our choice who wish to work with us on acquisitions. We have a simple formula for those who meet our criteira.

We only do majority control investments , but we offer managers the right to buy control from us through a secondary financing at the 5 year point.

We don’t fund intrapeneurs salaries during the search phase, but we do provide financing support and access to deal flow through our contact network.

 We look for the intrapeneur to provide some equity capital for the transaction , which will be case dependent and demonstrates skin in the game.

Minimum Criteria

If you would like to discuss this style of opportunity with us then please ensure you meet the following minimum criteria

  • 10 years senior level ( GM or Executive ) within the sectors of our choice
  • A strong technical pedigree
  • Financial ability to co-invest and sustain yourself for a minimum of a 12-14 month search process.

Please refer to the portfolio section for details on our current active investments.

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