Only the paranoid survive.

Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel

MBI Teams

We are often approached by senior professionals and teams across the industries of our choice who wish to work with us on acquisitions. They maybe looking to acquire businesses where the owners are retiring or perhaps an executive who is looking to spearhead the divestment of a non core division.

Minimum Criteria

If you would like to discuss this style of opportunity with us then please ensure you meet the following minimum criteria

  • 10 years senior level ( GM or Executive ) within the sectors of our choice
  • A strong technical background
  • Financial ability to co-invest ,we look for a minimum of 10% of transaction value

  • For those seeking a target we recommend allowing for 12-24 months of expenses as part of the acquisition search process.

Please refer to the portfolio section for details on our current active investments.


We only do majority control for MBI transactions , but we offer management MBI teams the right to buy control from us through a secondary financing at the 5 year point.


We don’t fund management team salaries during the search phase, but we do provide financing support and access to deal flow through our contact network.


We look for the management team to provide 10% of the transaction value alongside us in any management buy in.

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