At Seronera Capital, we have a long-standing focus on building a global customer base within our active investments. Recently, we have expanded this approach to include our passive investments, working with investment teams around the world to create a well-balanced global portfolio.

We have a deep passion for business and are proud to have made a positive impact on the families and organizations we have supported. Our team is made up of experienced business owners and managers who embody the entrepreneurial spirit. Over a decade ago, we discovered the potential of search fund investing as a means for aspiring entrepreneurs to take their first step towards owning and running businesses. If you share our love for business and have the drive to succeed, we would love to hear from you.

Our approach to supporting teams is not based on a specific business model, but rather on a shared passion for building and growing successful businesses. Our team has first-hand experience as business owners and shares the entrepreneurial spirit. Our love for business is what led us to discover search funds as a means of helping entrepreneurial managers take their first step towards business ownership.

This area of investing splits into two types for us:

  • Traditional Search Funds (please, refer to the Stanford Criteria)

  • Non-funded search teams

We understand that the traditional search fund model may not always be suitable for experienced managers. However, they may have a network of investors who are willing to partially finance their ventures. For these teams who don’t fit our entrepreneur model, we are open to working on a transaction-by-transaction basis. Currently, we are partnering with three teams in this manner.

Current Search Teams

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