Partnership and Community

Partnership and Community are Important to us, we see this as a long journey to be enjoyed with like minded investors and commercial partners appropriate for each type of allocation.
We love to learn from experts in the areas of relevance for us so if you would like to connect with us to discuss industries and opportunities please reach out to us so that we can share in knowledge and data.

For more specific partnering oppprtunities we use the following guide.

Active Transaction

Our firm is self funded from proceeds from disposals and cashflows from operating companies and assets that we own. Thus we have no specific requirements for additional capital in this area.

Working Capital

We like to establish investment relationships with like minded firms with an entrepreneurial background and  often see requirements in this area where we look to share the investment risk. If you would like to discuss this area with us then please contact us on

Search Funds and Entrepeneurs

Over the years we have been investing we tend to see a number of the same partners investing across this category. If you are new to this area and would like to discuss this with us please contact our managing partner directly on

We don’t invest in search funds through a fund of funds but are happy to share ideas and thoughts on searchers and transactions.

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