At the forefront of treating liver disease and pioneering new research, the founders of Yaqrit are leading the way in improving patient outcomes.

With the guidance of Professor Rajiv Jalan and a team of exceptional clinicians and scientists, Yaqrit is dedicated to addressing the pressing needs of those suffering from advanced liver disease. Join us in our mission to make a difference in the lives of those affected by liver disease.

Established in 1963, ESMS has a rich history rooted in Guy’s Hospital London as part of the Medical Toxicology and Information Services (Guy’s Poisons Unit).

In 1996, ESMS was established as a division within the Poisons Unit to provide a specialized medical response and emergency unblinding services to the pharmaceutical industry.

After years of dedicated service, ESMS became a private limited company in 2011, continuing its commitment to serving the pharmaceutical industry.

At Kigelia Pharma, we are a passionate and family-owned business driven by the goal of revolutionizing the veterinary drug industry.

We aim to increase access to affordable medications for animals, leveraging the best practices and resources from the human drug industry to speed up the process. Join us to bring quality care to the world’s animals.

At Infonetica, we lead the way as a provider of cutting-edge software solutions. Our innovative solutions serve customers ranging from NHS Trusts and prestigious universities to governments around the world.

Whether you’re in clinical research, pharmaceuticals, or care homes, we have a dynamic software solution that fits your needs.

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